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RT-AX55 Deauth issues since firmware

Level 7

Hey everyone,

I’ve been experiencing major deauth issues from my ring doorbell and some smart switches in my house since the largest firmware Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a similar issue lately, I know this issues can come and go as they improve and patch things but I’m losing access to these devices for hours at a time.



Level 14

Does looking at the descriptions of this firmware vs the prior firmware give you any clue?

In the most recent firmware no, but the earlier firmware ( in august does have this note:

- Fixed vulnerability in command injection after authentication

Considering the deauth issue coincides within hours after the firmware update, I have a hard time believing it’s anything else. Different forums shows ASUS has a history with causing this issues and eventually patches them out. It’s a commonality on the 2.4 band. 

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Community Admin

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I’ll cross post to that, knowing the ROG community can be a bit more keen to root cause tackle issues is why I posted here.