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RT-AC88U Impossible to update my Android devices thru Google Play

Level 7


I have several Android devices and for all of them it's impossible to download the app updates thru Google play. I bypass currently this issue by using a VPN, but it's not very convenient...

Close issue with my Nvidia shield when using Netflix...

On the other hand,  no issues found  with web browsing, email (pop/imap), android apps...

I looked  on the router's parameters (especially its FW) by testing some of them, without success until now

Thank you for your help

Kind regards




Level 13

Sounds like you reside in a country that bans Google Play?

Dear jzchen,

Sorry for the delay, I didn't receive any notification

I live currently  in France, no ban issue

The issue is maybe due to a conflict between my ISP box router and the Asus router

Unfortunately I can't switch my box router in gateway mode, because the box is in two parts : 1 server, 1 player, connected by Ethernet...

Does it seems relevant ?

Thank you 

Kind regards

I don’t think there’s an issue with the double NAT, but I am not sure.  My domicile is USA and we went on vacation to Spain at the beginning of the year.  While there we happened to go to Burger King, of which I have the USA version of the app.  Suffices to say the North America/USA version does not work there, I would have to download the Spanish version.  Do you think this regional specificity is blocking you from updating?  This may explain why VPN which masks your location/mimics a different local solves the issue.