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RT-AC1900P and RT-AC88U Parental Time dont work

Level 10
I have open several case for this problem. I got nothing but diff support person always give me same run around.
I have enable Parental Time to block by kids using their device after 10PM - 7AM.

On my RT-AC1900P with old firmware: RT_AC1900P_300438410007

It works perfectly. The kids MAC address works perfectly within time allow. No delay on internet or game during allow time.

As soon as I upgrade to any firmware newer. The kids computer internet become extreme slow or blocked and not responding. I have to disable the parental time.

I also try it on my RT-AC88U with (newest). Same problem. The machine with MAC address (on allow time) on Parental schedule became slow or not responding. Sometime I would get that Internet block by time allow. and It is on the allow time.

Also, i made sure time stamp is correct on RT-AC1900P and RT-AC88U. Nothing helps. I told support that its anything after that firmware.

I keep getting response.. Please update router.. reset everything... Can someone please find out why after that particular firmware: RT_AC1900P_300438410007 the parental don;t work anymore? I am sick been told to reset and try again.

BTW, the machine that i tried are: MAXIMUMS IV Code, and Maximus X Code. SO excuse of another brand computer causing this is not acceptable.

Very frustrated.....:mad: