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Routing over VPN Fusion

Level 7
Hello there,

Hello there,

I would suggest you to make options to routing to network over VPN Fusion. Now we have option to add client devices to connect to different VPN tunnels. What I would like to have as an option when I made connections to a few different VPN servers to route network over specified connected server. For example I make 3 connection one for office, second for home in different town and third one for my second business. office 1 have network, second network have netword and third place network is And i would like to any device can made connections to different vpn tunel via request network access to different network.

route network via VPN tunel 1
route network via VPN tunel 2
when from my home network from any device make request to server for example route me via VPN tunel 2.

Thank you in advance