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Router not detecting new firmware update

Level 7

There's a new firmware update for my router in the product's page since June 5, but when checking for updates in the web interface or Asus Router app, it says the firmware is up to date.

Is this normal? Does Asus wait some time between the two?


Level 13

You need to be careful when using the download Beta versions option because it may go to an earlier version and override the newer version.

If you aren't doing that, do you have any AiMesh routers?  Sometimes those can get confused.

Otherwise, you might tell us which router you have and then your current firmware version.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

I have Beta updates disabled. Yes, I have another AiMesh router, but so far both have updated smoothly, the interface clearly separates both routers. It's the TUF Gaming AX4200. I have the version.

It seems to show a 33474 version available.  If you do a manual update and it won't find the new firmware version you may want to do a quick reset to clear it out.  You should be able to save your configuration and reload it during the reset.

I am not familiar with that particular router, so not sure if there is some special circumstance involved.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

A manual update will probably work. But so far I've always been updating it by letting the router look for the update and doing it itself. Strange that it still says it's up to date, 5 days after a new update appears on the website. But I usually never look on the website, so maybe this can be common or even intentional. After some time, if there are no bugs reported, the firmware goes for automatic update.

Level 15

I also do not have this model router.  I can say reading the description you may want to download it to a local computer and upload it manually, vs using the "manual" check for updates button.

From past experience with other ASUS router models, usually the check for updates server is loaded first, prior to the Web site link.  There is maybe one instance where a new model release was made available first on the website...