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Router issue

Level 7

My internet sucks. I have a 1 gig download and 40 upload and still get massive lag when gaming due to streaming televisions. I started unplugging my tv's when they're not in use to help the situation. However, my ASUS router, GT-11000 PRO keeps saying their connected to the router and has accessed it for long periods of time. How can this be since they're unplugged and receiving no power? 


Level 12

What is the ping on speedtesting?  Is it abnormally high?

And yes unfortunately the list is sometimes inaccurate, some devices are still listed even though not connected from my ASUS router on latest firmware.

Level 8

Here are a few possibilities to consider:

  1. Cached Device Information: The router might retain device information, including their names and connection history, even if the devices are no longer powered on or connected. This could lead to the router displaying their names or showing them as connected.

  2. Network Caching: Some routers cache network data, including device connections and status. This cache can take some time to refresh and may still show previous connections even after the devices are unplugged. Restarting the router might clear the cache and provide updated information.

  3. Interference or Signal Issues: Lag in gaming can be caused by various factors, including network congestion, signal interference, or issues with the router or internet service provider. It's possible that the lag you're experiencing is not directly related to the televisions but rather other factors affecting your network performance.