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Router is locked?? AXE16000

Level 9

Trying to log in with the asus app and refused saying your router is locked?

Happened twice now,once sat right next to it using wifi and again now using data.

It has now just let me in,did nothing special just tried again.


Never had it 'locked' before so what is it?


Level 12

It might be locked if you set up an https:// access option.  

If you plug your computer into the LAN port on the router, can you use its IP address to connect to the User Interface?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel AX411

Level 13

I have seen such a page maybe 2 or 3 times in the year and one month of ownership.  I attribute it to some random bug that resolves itself.

EDIT-  I remembered mine also got locked with a countdown timer once after entering the wrong login credentials one too many times…

Possible the app wasn't updated with new password but it has been connecting ok so far,just this locked thing twice.

App connects via ddns so not sure it uses the password?

Uses the password when using 'visit web gui' but don't think it stores the password?

Router is also stuck on the last 386

Merlin 388 firmware loaded but reported low NVRAM, or am I confused and it’s Merlín 386?  Either way I’d run that then try to sort out the low NVRAM manually/through SSH or Telnet.

Was on merlins 386 and will go back soon,just had to load asus 386 for feedback.

Merlins 386 highlighted low nvram once out of 5 or so flashes.


Hoping support will come up with something from the feedback.