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Rog strix gs-ax5400

Level 7
So i just got one of these, i initially had it set up using all the gaming features, the QOS etc etc
It took my 1GB internet connection and gave me 600Mbps if i was lucky, not acceptable
Turned off QOS, Traffic monitor and some other gaming features and BOOM my internet jumps back up to 950Mbps or more

I'm confused why these features are literally killing my speed, almost by half, are the gaming features even worth it?

Currently got it set up as a replacement, my ISP router is in Modem mode and this router is handling everything, is there any Gaming related settings i can use without it killing my speed or was i fooled by amazing marketing?

Every single feature i deem useful, when turned on is killing my speed, i am definitely sending this back if i cannot utilise the gaming features without it turning my 1GB speed into half

Thanks for any advice