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ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Wake Up on Lan Probleme

Level 8

Hello, I Recently bought a ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Gaming Router . My probleme is that my pc is not waking up on lan if i use a 10g Lan port but its working fine if i use one of the 2.5g ports . I got the latest firmware for both the router and the motherboard and everything is set in bios , if not it would not work on 2.5g ports also . i’m using my iPhone to turn on the PC with Wake me up Application. Thank You!


Level 15

Im using a ROG z790 Apex Encore motherboard with Intel 2.5G integrated Lan card but hoping for better latency in the 10g rog port. do you think the wake on lan function is not working because of that ? I mean its just a signal that needs to be sent to the lan card why does speed matters ? The 10g port on router works fine with the 2.5G Lan card.

Actually I wasn't sure what was going on.  I added a PCIe 10 Gbps NIC to my PC then connect it for 10 Gig Ethernet to my router, so I was worried you might also have a 10 Gig PCIe card (and unlucky if it's Intel chip).

If you are using the same 2.5 Gig port on the motherboard and just switching ports on the router then it should work either way, it may be a router BIOS bug I suspect.  (I haven't used WoL to be honest).

Did you notice any improved latency on the 10 Gig ROG port?

Playing Warzone mostly and the latency is kinda the same with small differences from game to game depending on the servers