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ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 LAG!!

Level 7

Hi Guys,


I have a 2GBPS connection and it was all setup by my ISP so the cable is from ONT to the 10gb port then from the 10gb to my PC which has a 2.5g network card etc. The issue i am having is on call of duty. We have a MAD household for tech. Smart lights, switches, sockets, 5 PC's, 3 PS5s, Tablets, Phones, Ring CCTV etc etc etc etc.

So I have been having some major lag issues shoot first die first in COD. Today i jumped on, game was MINT. working really well, suddenly it went MEGA BAD... so i asked the MRS what she had done or is doing. She had literally just turned on Netflix on the TV. (She also games etc). 

How when I have a 2GBPS connection, is Netflix causing me to LAG??? The QOS on the router dosent seem to work. When I do a speed test i get 2000mbps down 2000mbps up with a 61 down ping and a 17 up ping.

When i do the same with QoS on. I get the same results.


When I swap to my Netgear router thats only 1GBPS. I run the same test, same results. But when i turn the QoS on that router. My ping lowers to 11ms on both up and down. 

Test is on


Is this because I am doing somethign wrong with the QOS on this router or is the QOS just poor compared to the netgear?


Does anyone know a fix? To make it so i dont lag when netflix turns on. 





Level 14

Is the 2.5 G port on the router open?  Have you tried your computer on that port?  2.5 <-> 2.5 ?  QoS is not necessary with that much bandwidth and I am not confident it works…

Yeah tried that also. I agree i think the QoS dosent rly work on the asus.  

How is the Netflix TV connected to the router again?  (Sorry if you already mentioned it).

It is connected to another wireless router via AI mesh and then an ethernet from that 2nd router to a ethernet splitter that wires my sky box, tv, ps5 

Ok, two last questions.

Are you using the high bandwidth voice version and if you are, have you tried the low bandwidth version?   A voice situation may be something other than just bandwidth.

Have you and your wife swapped computer roles to see if hers slows down when you are watching a movie?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Seems like something is causing the ping to be high.  I have cable service 1 Gbps down 40 Mbps up.  Idle 12, down 17, up 33. 

As background I have one of the cheapest PCs available, I think I spent $259 on it, but I stuck a 10 Gig NIC in it.  One 10 G port on my AXE16000 runs to an 8 port TP-Link 10 Gig (unmanaged) switch, which distributes one port to another 6 port switch with 2 10 G ports (4 2.5 G ports), so 10 G in, the other 10 G to this PC.  The other 10 G port on the AXE16000 is empty.  My cable modem ethernet port is 2.5 G so it matches the WAN port on the router perfectly.

So your AXE16000 connects to an AiMesh node/router?  Via ethernet or WiFi backhaul?  Then this node connects to everything else?  Where is the Mrs computer connected?

I guess what I would do is start disconnecting things connected to the AXE16000's ethernet ports one by one, (leave your computer connected,) and run the speed test after each disconnect, until you find the culprit, (if any).

Level 12

Have you specifically set up the QoS for certain applications?  It seems it is off by default, but I have never used it but it is supposed to prioritize certain activities.  I think, streaming a 4K movie needs about 25-40 Mbps.  So, with 2 Gbps, as mentioned, you should have some left over. 

Have you tried watching the Traffic analyzer on the router to check your bandwidth?  It will show you what each system is getting, so if yours drops when she starts up, you will see that happen.

I don't know if it would be relevant, but do you use voice communications while you game?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

I did try that where you goto custom and put gaming at the top on QoS. 

I havent watched the bandwith thing no i may have to do that!

Yeah so i have two PCs a game pc and a stream PC. Not streamed for ages due to issues. But i do have Discord on stream pc and connected to a voice channel and then my wife has same setup with discord also.