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ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 wireless client LAN access

Level 7

ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

Firmware Version:

For some reason my wireless clients cannot access my local LAN. 

Set AP Isolated is disabled.

Any suggestions?



Level 15

Can you share what specific device can not be accessed?  On very rare occasions for example a printer IP address may change from the DHCP server assignment...

Level 7

Thanks for responding. Device type is irrelevant. Printers and servers are static on wire. Client PC's are DHCP on wire. Printers, servers and clients can all communicate fine but cannot reach any device attached to wireless.

You're leaving the issue pretty vague...

You mean to say you can't even ping an IP on your local wireless devices?  You can't print?  My printers are still served IPs by the DHCP server.  I use the NetBIOS/node name vs IP...

Level 7


Wireless clients cannot ping any wired devices. Wireless clients cannot access file shares on wired clients. Wireless clients cannot print to wired printer. Any and all PC firewalls on my internal LAN are disabled.

It may be due to VLAN settings?  Do you have VLANs set up?

Did this happen just all of a sudden?

Sigh, I had trouble with VLAN on my BE98 Pro and it was a headache...

Level 7

No is flat.

This happend after I changed the SSID on my main network. I didnt want my IOT stuff on my intranet anymore so instead of re-joining all the ****** devices to a new guest network I just rename the main 2.4 network and then named the guest guest network the old 2.4 network name. All IOT devices connected seemless to the guest network, but any device I connect to the 2.4 intranet network cannot access the LAN. Its weird.

I see.  I'm afraid I haven't had much success with the guest network/IoT network option/setting on my routers.  (I don't have the AX11000 but I suspect similar performance).  I ended up turning off guest/IoT network and putting them back on the main, but my problem was connecting devices to the IoT network.  For some reason they seemed limited somehow.  (I'm talking from the perspective of setting up the device with a new SSID)...

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