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ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Without 2.4ghz

Level 7
Hi !

I recently bought the ROG GT-AC5300 on ebay, like new, to import it to my country (Chile), because the units are totally sold out here. But when I received it and opened it to turn it on, I noticed that the 2.4Ghz band led did not turn on. I also did not show the band on any wifi device. After numerous resets, hard factory reset and leaving the power button on for hours without the charger, the same problem continues. I really need the 2.4Ghz band a lot, because I have several devices that only support that band. What can I do in this case ? Many users use the warranty and return it, the one I bought comes with the warranty card and all the packaging as new, here in Chile I called the Asus service and they told me that I cannot use the warranty because it is from the USA and I have I had to send it there, but it was not economically convenient for me, since, in addition to paying for the product, I had to pay the import costs, which are very high in Chile. Shipping will be expensive to the USA and when they return it to me I will have to pay import costs again because the local customs system in Chile gives much to be desired.

I have any possible solution or any warranty exception for this case to send it to the Asus service in Chile? or did I really lose my money?

Months ago I bought an Asus RT-AC86U in ebay with exactly the same problem, I still have it there running only with the 5Ghz band. I previously bought a Linksys WRT32X on amazon, which has worked for me without any problems. But I really like Asus, I wanted to change brands, but since I decided to do so, I have only had problems and disappointments...

Important: In the configuration of the WDS, the 2.4ghz don't show any MAC, this mean what is 100% a hardware problem.

Level 7
just try to hard reset it mine sometimes encounter problem likes your missing mac address. but sometimes the mac address goes to the slot of the 2nd band of 5G. mine is missing the 3rd band which is the 5G 2nd band. sometimes when i need to reflash it the mac of the third band becomes the mac of the 2nd band.