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ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 setup for Express VPN [Resolved]

Level 7
Hi all,
I have just brought the above model ,maybe naively as it seems the firmware from ASUS and VPN support from service providers are still sketchy.

What I want to ascertain is will the Express VPN guide for the RT 5300 be sufficient? Or can anyone point me two a better setup guide? Apologies I am sure this has been covered but my mastery of Forums is right up there with my Router know how. Even better if/when I get stuck is there anyone here I could possibly ask advice of?

Thanks in advance,
Phat AlBert

titi71 wrote:
I confirm with this firmware Version the Internet connection stopping when i start vpn fusion.
And after it's difficult to join VPN FUSION html page.

Use Version instead but with the solution mentionned by ROG25112 05-21-2018 in this post.

I'm going to change firmware version. Thank you for your help.

blazer5 wrote:
did you update your GT-AC5300 to FW ver. " 2018/06/01", if you did, that is why your internet is missing. This happened to me and many others after that update, Fusion VPN not working with this FW Version.

I'm going to change firmware version. Thank you for your help.

Level 7
Thought I posted this earlier so apologies if I doubled up. Just confirming that VPN Fusion is working again for me without loosing the internet anymore. ASUS support had told me to RMA my Router too, so I’m glad I didn’t follow through with that.
I didn’t roll back my firmware either but instead deleted the server list and exception rules and started fresh as someone else in here had suggested.So it’s all working properly again with the latest firmware hopefully the next update doesn’t break it again.

Level 7
Just curious in regards to fusion stopping all internet access, if other people have tried a fresh install of the server list and exception rules with success too, rather than the typically suggested firmware rollback? Seems like a better fix to me.
Also wondering why other than already having a subscription to Express you would opt for them over Nord? From my limited experience Nord support seemed more receptive to aiding with setup for this Router plus the service was far cheaper?