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ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 - Firmware [report if any issues]

Level 8
New firmware ( just got released for the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300.

Please share your findings here in this thread. Thanks people!

Release notes:

ASUS GT-AC5300 Firmware version
- Improved AiMesh dedicated backhaul mechanism for tri-band to tri-band AiMesh modes.
- Lyra, Lyra Mini, and Lyra Trio can be added as AiMesh node into GT-AC5300 network.
Please refer to for more detail.

- Fixed CVE-2018-14710, CVE-2018-14711, CVE-2018-14712, CVE-2018-14713, CVE-2018-14714. Thanks for Rick Ramgattie's contribution.
- Fixed AiCloud/ Samba account vulnerability. Thanks for Matthew Cundari's contribution.
- Fixed DoS vulnerability. Thanks for Ruikai Liu's contribution.
- Fixed CVE-2018-17020, CVE-2018-17021, CVE-2018-17022.
- Fixed stored XSS vulnerability. Thanks for Duda Przemyslaw's contribution.
- Updated OpenSSL library.

New Alexa skill and IFTTT actions
- Add Alexa skill “ ask ASUS ROUTER to report security status”
- Add Alexa skill “ ask ASUS ROUTER how many devices are online”
- Add IFTTT actions : Wake on LAN
- Add IFTTT actions : check new firmware available and upgrade
[Note] You have to upgrade the firmware version up to if you want to use these new Alexa skills and IFTTT actions.

Bug fixes and improvement
- Improved wireless stability.
- Modified “Dual Wan” user interface.
- Modified “Port Forwarding” user interface.
- Modified “Restore” user interface.
- Fixed “VPN Fusion” bugs.
- Fixed GUI bugs on user feedback page.
- Fixed “Adaptive QoS” bugs.
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Level 7
Hey all, sorry am late for the new firmware party. I did post earlier in this thread and my GT5300 has been a full brick for a couple months now, sitting on a shelf with hopes to perhaps work again.

Reflashed with this latest firmware (45708) as have absolutely nothing to loose. Sad to report, no change. I do have the US\North american version of the router.

After a couple reboots (post flash advising of recovered), on the Power light and the 2 wifi lights illuminate. The network light then lights (briefly) and it appears to reboot itself (same as before).

I will continue to monitor this forum and test anything that comes along to help in everybodys hopes.

I suggest just move on, this support team simply has no urgency to repair a terrible product.

Good luck to each and everyone of you.

Level 7
fyi, another version of the firmware was posted to other routers like the AC68U.

Level 8
And heeeeeeere it is 🙂80083

Level 7
Do you have the courage to test it????

cyberlipe wrote:
Do you have the courage to test it????

Hehehe, well of course. It is stable. No wifi changes regarding bad wifi signal sometimes. I will test it now thoroughly 80084

Level 7
Tks Stefan.

I've had (as with most folks here) such a truly miriad of random issues with past firmwares that , while the current firmware is far from perfect, I was able to set it in a semi stable manner ...
So if you already took the plunge ... Please let us know how it goes... 🙂

Level 8
Everything is fine till now. No more odd system logs. WiFi signal is stable now, steady signal. I have noticed better NAS performance also.

Level 7
Just flashed the FW v45713. It may have corrected some of the brick. It appears to stay powered on, the power and 2x wifi LEDs stay on. If I plug in the internet, that LED flashes intermittently. Not continually rebooting any longer.

Still cannot access the GUI nor will it reply to PING though.

If anybody knows of a junk yard reboot procedure, I'd be happy to try and report back.

Level 7
I get these every day in the LOG:

Apr 21 02:40:18 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5834)]period_retry = 0
Apr 21 02:40:20 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5860)]retrieve firmware information
Apr 21 02:40:20 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5874)]no need to upgrade firmware
Apr 21 02:40:49 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5834)]period_retry = 1
Apr 21 02:40:51 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5860)]retrieve firmware information
Apr 21 02:40:51 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5874)]no need to upgrade firmware
Apr 21 02:41:20 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5834)]period_retry = 2
Apr 21 02:41:22 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5860)]retrieve firmware information
Apr 21 02:41:22 WATCHDOG: [FAUPGRADE][auto_firmware_check:(5874)]no need to upgrade firmware
Apr 21 03:42:31 kernel: jffs2: warning: (775) jffs2_sum_write_data: Not enough space for summary, padsize = -1694
Apr 21 04:33:00 rc_service: service 2879:notify_rc restart_letsencrypt
Apr 21 05:25:00 rc_service: service 4188:notify_rc restart_letsencrypt

Its OK?

I've just flashed my GT-AC5300 to and the process also updated an RT-AC86U to* which is connected via wifi backhaul in AIMesh. That access point has been dropping out so will see what happens going forward.