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ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 - Firmware [report if any issues]

Level 8
New firmware ( just got released for the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300.

Please share your findings here in this thread. Thanks people!

Release notes:

ASUS GT-AC5300 Firmware version
- Improved AiMesh dedicated backhaul mechanism for tri-band to tri-band AiMesh modes.
- Lyra, Lyra Mini, and Lyra Trio can be added as AiMesh node into GT-AC5300 network.
Please refer to for more detail.

- Fixed CVE-2018-14710, CVE-2018-14711, CVE-2018-14712, CVE-2018-14713, CVE-2018-14714. Thanks for Rick Ramgattie's contribution.
- Fixed AiCloud/ Samba account vulnerability. Thanks for Matthew Cundari's contribution.
- Fixed DoS vulnerability. Thanks for Ruikai Liu's contribution.
- Fixed CVE-2018-17020, CVE-2018-17021, CVE-2018-17022.
- Fixed stored XSS vulnerability. Thanks for Duda Przemyslaw's contribution.
- Updated OpenSSL library.

New Alexa skill and IFTTT actions
- Add Alexa skill “ ask ASUS ROUTER to report security status”
- Add Alexa skill “ ask ASUS ROUTER how many devices are online”
- Add IFTTT actions : Wake on LAN
- Add IFTTT actions : check new firmware available and upgrade
[Note] You have to upgrade the firmware version up to if you want to use these new Alexa skills and IFTTT actions.

Bug fixes and improvement
- Improved wireless stability.
- Modified “Dual Wan” user interface.
- Modified “Port Forwarding” user interface.
- Modified “Restore” user interface.
- Fixed “VPN Fusion” bugs.
- Fixed GUI bugs on user feedback page.
- Fixed “Adaptive QoS” bugs.
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Level 8
asus please do or say something about this massive bugs, amazon reviews are full of bugs too

please dont sh*it on the community
Rules are made to be brake
Some Pics of my RIG

sh000kz wrote:
asus please do or say something about this massive bugs, amazon reviews are full of bugs too

please dont sh*it on the community

I fully agree. Multiples issues here with the latest version of firmware as well. Everything from VPN dns issues to kernel abort flooding.

I continue to *hope* that ASUS will either respond here or to the case that I have filed with them.


sh000kz wrote:
asus please do or say something about this massive bugs, amazon reviews are full of bugs too

please dont sh*it on the community

PLEASE ASUS add more people to helping resolve all the bugs with this router....PLEASE!!!

Level 7
will there be progress here?

Level 8
Hey Asus when is new firmware coming out?

Level 7
Well..... after about 2 months on FW 45149, this GT-AC5300 finally bricked itself. Will not recover using the recover tool, essentially it just cycles though net disconnects (via LED) and disconnects from the wired client. I cannot access the WebGUI, even the hard reset button won't get it into recover mode when powered on. I have to power it down, press the reset button and power up to get to the recover mode.

Once powered up, the recover tool 'appears' to work and restore the brick, nothing changes. I've tried 3 different flash levels, same end result.

I can at least hit the net with my RT-AC5300 as main (former node), so I'm at least back up on older gear.

This router is just a complete washout, what a disappointing piece of work. At this point, I doubt if it can be flashed back to life, even with workable firmware....

As a last ditch effort\resort:

Does anybody know how to do a junkyard reboot\full reinitialise beyond the recover and reset button? I just want to try to get this 'router' back up, if at all possible. The Rescue utility and the last 3 FW iterations do not restore the router in any usable manner, cannot login at all.

Any suggestions to recover?

Please let me know.

12 weeks and 3 days since firmware release.

Days since any response from Asus to any of these issues?

12 weeks and 3 days.


Level 7
total abandonment

cyberlipe wrote:
total abandonment

Please ASUS.....reply....respond...something!?

I had random reboots but that was over two years ago, it just stopped on it after I changed some things around. What I would really love though is to be able to change the GUI to the the default ASUS router one instead of the red. Are there any other places anyone would recommend for information about the router? I change log or updates about whats being worked on would be really nice. I've been lucky enough to not run in to a lot of the problems posted here but reassurance about what's going on would sure be nice for those who do have them. There seems to be a sort of disconnect between the community and ASUS when it comes to the GT-AC5300 they are usually a really great company when it comes to this sort of thing.