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ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 dead

Level 9
I just purchased the GT-AC2900 to replace an AC66 B1. It lasted 1 day. I turned it on and upgraded the firmware. Seemed fine but there were times when I couldn't find the SSIDs at all. Didnt think much of it since I was new to a router with DFS. I heard you have a wait a bit for it to scan. I then upgraded the firmware to the beta release and connected everything again.

I noticed a few quirks. I'm hoping to confirm if this is normal or if I just had a bum router.

1. When I enable 160mhz wide channels none of my wireless clients can see or connect to to the router. Even my AX200 Intel. Whats going on here?

2. Sometimes when I could connect to he AP after 160mhz was enabled I noticed in the wireless log that 5G was set to 80mhz wide. Why is it doing that?

3. I have a USB stick connected as a NAS and if I transfer data it causes the router RAM usage to hit 95%. Even after its done it stays there. Rebooting fixes it. This causes interface and functions to become slow. Had to reboot because WEBUI froze up.

4. RGB would not respond to changes in the WEBUI.

This morning the router worked fine until the moment I woke my One Plus 7 Pro 5G from sleep. From that moment all SSIDs disapeared and there is no connectivity coming from the LAN ports. I used the factory reset button but no avail. Router powers up and RGB comes on but no connectivity from anything. Unable to reach the router WEBUI.

I looked at my webcam monitoring this morning and connectivity was fine all night until that moment I woke my cell phone.

How has the reliability of this router been? I'm hesitant to get another. Firmware seems real buggy.