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ROG GT BE98 Pro and AI Cloud

Level 9

Hi Guys,

Bumped into something new. Now I have been reading the AI Cloud manual and following instructions which are as follows:

1. Click the checkmark item to change to file selection mode.
2. Select the file and select the Share icon.
3. The HTTPS share link is generated. You can copy this link and paste it into an email or any messaging application.

I do this and send off the link and everyone who receives it is now asked for their username and password. I am confused do I have to set up  a user name and password for every file I want to send to different people. It seems easy enough, but not working in the manner I expected am I doing something wrong?

Thank you all for your help and or any feedback.


Level 15

What I meant to explain in our text conversation was that it may be asking the sharee to create a user name and password, so that nobody else can access it but the specific person you shared the link with.  It may be worth asking one you trust to try creating their own log in credentials to see if that allows them access...

Level 9

I trust you so if you want to try go for it. I set the expiration for one day.

I entered my name Jesse Chen and a password.  The little cloud symbol at top wobbled left and right, no access.  (Sorry for the emoji it was kind of funny 😂)

Yes I am having no success. It is a shame it doesn't work as their manual says going to have to see if they have an answer.

The OneDrive in Windows works pretty much the same way.  I think the best way to find an answer is to start with something you do not want to do, such as give those folks access to your entire cloud account.

One drive has a way to create the link with different parameters.  But you can give a link to the file, and they don't need a password, but they can only see that one file.  

Is there a way to set up a folder with security and its own password?  Then you could use it to hold the files you want to send out.

Maybe you could set up the link and leave out some information only the other folks know.

I am not using the AiCloud, so I can't check myself.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

I went back to school last semester and my college uses Microsoft OneDrive (and a minimal level of Office access).  I tried to share an Excel worksheet/template and it got labelled as phishing.  When I tried to download it to a PC it said the exact same thing.  I ended up having to give access to my copy on my OneDrive storage space.  Google Drive seems a lot easier, and we probably should have tried to sign up for their 2TB service vs iCloud.

But now that we're on fiber with it's symmetric speeds having a server is a good idea as it would reasonably support access from WAN.

I guess it's simply designed for private/personal access as it seems to require knowledge of the ASUSwrt (Web GUI) credentials.  (I'd trust my family to have that but not some stranger I simply want to share a picture with).