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ROG GT-AX11000 as Aimesh-Main and Zenwifi Pro ET12 as Node - No Triband Smartconnect

Level 7

I'm using the Asus ROG-AX11000 as my Aimesh Main-Node (because of its USB-Port and the proximity to my Modem) and a Zenwifi Pro ET12 as a node (no usb-hdd connection possible - placed in a room, where the noise of the external HDD would drive me nuts)

I know it's not ideal to use the slower Router as the Main - there is no other choice though, would have to run another 20m cable to my modem to switch main and node.

Now, my Asus ROG-AX11000 is controlling everything and i'm not finding any option to enable triband smart-connect on my Zenwifi Pro ET12 - only 2.4+5ghz with the 6ghz band on its own SSID (WIFINAME_6G)

Is there a way to combine those 2 bands? -> Triband smartconnect including the 6ghz band?

Would it be possible if my routers switch roles? Node <-> Main?

Using Ethernet Backhaul between those two.

Level 7
had to figure it out the hard way.

Tried to use my oculus quest 2 via wifi, had lag spikes every 10 seconds or so, on both routers... ping went to 300+ for a moment... beatsaber was unplayable like that, every 10 seconds freeze frame and skip ahead.

switched them, et12 is the main router now, got triband smart connect (including 6ghz)and both 5ghz bands of my Ax11000.

Smart connect on every band and no more lag spikes.

guess the ROG Gtax11000 isn't powerful enough to main that mesh

Level 15
Glad you got it working, although not in your ideal/preferred setup.

It seems that the main router needs to have all three bands to setup Smartconnect accross them all. *Thank you for sharing this with the community!