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ROG GT-AC5300 FW Upgrade 06-03-2018

Level 7

I upgraded the FW on my GT-AC5300 on Sunday 06-03-2018 in evening time, and this upgrade (GT-AC5300_3.0.0.4_384_21045-gb451ba1_cferom_ubi.w) crashed my router that was working perfectly before this upgrade. I had to reinstall this version of FW again and began manually replacing all settings lost from upgrade,FUN! When I began setting up Fusion VPN again, it left all internet access OUT (NO INTERNET after Fusion settings in place). All settings were locked and could not change Fusion setup, nor could I access LAN settings to remove all DHCP entries from Fusion VPN. I had to reset GT-AC5300 to default again and start over once more. What a night mare, Do NOT Install this FW on your GT-AC5300. :mad:

Level 10
The firmware flashed perfectly fine for me, no issues at all! Flashed the FW, rebooted router (unplugged, waiter 30 seconds, plugged back in) and it works flawlessly. Ripping 936 Mbps down, 942 Mbps up with 6ms ping on my FiOS Gigabit line. 🙂 🙂 All QOS settings working fine, my NAS working fine.

I am not saying it does not work at all, I am using this FW now and it is working as long as I do not use FUSION VPN for OpenVPN connections on my devices on this router FW. That is when the failure happens. Sprayingmango, are you using Fusion VPN with OpenVPN through a VPN service? If not, I would welcome you to try it and get back with your results. The previous FW ver. 2018/04/03 worked perfectly with all features including Fusion VPN-OpenVPN on all devices connected. I regret upgrading to new FW, but my concern was security features included with FW ver. GT-AC5300_3.0.0.4_384_21045, and I refuse to downgrade to FW ver.

I become my router on 1.6.2018, during install i will make an update to the last FW, but i can´t make any connection.
The Gui hangs, and don´t come back. Only a restart helps. I made a downgrade to and works fine.
Also VPN Fusion with EXPRESSVPN and NORDVPN and a lot of client´s.
Asus Support don´t answer on a ticket 48 hours ago. :mad:

Kind regards