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ROG BE-98 dual wan nor working

Level 7

Hi all, do anyone has experience with issue with BE-98?
I get my BE-98 last month and that time i set dual Wan on load balance mode, it works fine.
recently when i check again, no idea since when it stopped working.
last time i input 1Gbps fiber x2 and it show result on total speed is about 19xx Mbps download speed,about 1000Mbps upload speed,

But now,it show 980Mbps download speed and 520 Mbps upload speed.

Thanks in advance.


Level 15

It is not supposed to increase speed above 1000 Mbps upload or download, as that is not how it is set to work, alternating between the two.  I'm not sure why it did, but my BE98 Pro did the same thing very rarely when I had Dual WAN load balancing on.  If you are worried disconnect one WAN and test.  Then reconnect and disconnect the other WAN and test.  You should have Internet access with either one disconnected....