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ROG AX16000 very slow 10G WAN performance

Level 8

I have recently upgrade my ISP to fiber that is carrying speed of 1.5G down/ 1G up.I am using the 10G port as WAN since I am planing to move to 3G soon. My router is using PPPoE bypassing mode to the modem, and is able to reach 1.6G find with internal speed test software:


However, when I tried with my PC which is connected to a switch via the other 10G port of the router, the speed is quite slow, and seems to be limited to 1G only:


I make sure to use the same destination server for the test, so it should not be the factor. And my upload does go pass 1G, which means my PC connection is not the limited factor. To prove that my internal network is fine, I even try to copy a file from my NAS to my PC to check, and the LAN speed seems to be just fine:


Does any know if the there is a bug about the 10G WAN port? I have AI protection and firewall on, as my router have public IP, I do not really want to give up all the security options just for speed.


Level 13

I am not going to be able to help since I have no experience with a switch in such a situation.  The attachment shows my current configuration, which gives me a 2500Mbps/2500Mbps Link Speed.  This is not actual transfers but gives a good indication of the quality.



Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Thanks for the reply. At least I know it is not an hardware issue, so must be some configuration problem from the router.

Level 8

OK, after a lot of trail by errors, I have pin the issue to QoS. I have both Firewall and AI protection on, it seems to not affect the speed in any noticeable level.


After turning off my QoS on the router, I am able to get my ISP speed from my PC now:



It is quite ironic that a gaming router will break as soon as you turn on the gaming feature. I even make sure my PC has been put into the highest priority queue, yet this will only slow down my connections even though there is nothing else using the internet at backgroup. Not sure why ASUS decide it is a good idea to limit the download speed of the primary gaming PC while the line has not been saturated at all.


QoS is designed to reserve bandwidth for “other” clients.  I’m curious can you “feel” a difference gaming with it on vs off?