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Recommended node for GT-AXE16000

Level 7

Hello everyone.  I'm having trouble deciding on the best match node and seeking advice from our community veterans.

Would another GT-AXE16000 be the best node choice for my existing GT-AXE16000, or would an ET12 be good enough?  I would prefer wired backhaul but limited to assigning the backhaul path to a 5GHz channel.  I may be wrong, but I am thinking that a quad channel node will be the right match for a quad channel primary router.  What do you think?


Level 13

You are correct the best possible is that both routers have 5 GHz-1 and 5 GHz-2 so that one on both can be used for device connectivity.  I am not fond of having 2 of the exact same router, so I would consider the XT12, or possibly one of the GT-BE98s that also has 2 5 GHz channels, (can’t find the specs at the moment, and if you can wait).

Thanks for the input.  I am currently using all four bands of my GT-AXE16000, and agree that adding another GT-AXE16000 as a node will be the best choice for optimal LAN bandwidth and wireless throughput performance.  I haven't yet setup an AiMesh network, so this should be an interesting learning experience.  Do you have any tips for a mesh first-timer?

I’m kind of lucky that I have wired backhaul, that’s why I suggested you make sure the mesh router has 2 5 GHz channels, 1 (for each router) dedicated for backhaul and 1 for devices.  For me my system is a mix of all different ASUS products, because wired allows me the luxury.

I did notice that sometimes the AXE16000 and AXE11000 that I have would use 6 GHz as backhaul, but since we now have one 6e device it sticks with wired constantly.

The AXE16000 is a beast and has been stable for me ever since the last (release) firmware update, but I do not have two to test for you I’m afraid.


I’m sorry, I do have thoughts on you new addition.  Be a little flexible with the placement/spacing between primary router and node, that way you can best maximize the available backhaul bandwidth.  I have no problem with 6 GHz backhaul between 1st floor and 2nd floor, so you may be happily surprised with how far you can space them from each other with the better range of 5 GHz….

According to some mesh networking guideline articles I've read, they say that the 6E band isn't recommended as the backhaul channel, but I guess it depends on your mesh arrangement.  I was planning on dedicating one of the 5GHz channels as backhaul since the node won't be positioned very far from the primary.  If I need to move the node further away from the primary, then it will probably be a good idea to switch the backhaul to the 2.4GHz channel.  I'll need to do some more research so I can better understand how mesh networks communicate and how to get the most out of a wireless backhaul configuration.  Thanks again, I appreciate your insight.

There’s settings to allow the routers to auto negotiate which backhaul is best, or to choose/select preference.  You’re correct in your research, there has been concern noted about available range on the 6 GHz channel.  It’s just not what I personally experienced

I set it to automatically decide on it’s own…  Now the AXE11000 is kind of weak in the multi-gig LAN/WAN category, it has one single 2.5 G port which can be used for either WAN or LAN, and I do have 2.5 G backhaul between the two.  Yet per personal experience, (and don’t get me wrong the placement is such that the two rooms are one on top of each other), signal goes through a (IKEA wooden) shelf, very likely through a Brother HL-1470N LaserJet, through the tabletop that the printer sits on, through my 2nd floor floor, down to the AXE16000 which is perched roughly 4 - 4.5 ft high on an entertainment stand.  Yet even with this 2.5 G backhaul, it still chose 6 GHz backhaul on it’s own (prior to any 6e devices) for maybe a week to two weeks.  I even posted a question on which is faster and a screenshot somewhere here on this forum.  It was showing PHY in the low to mid 3xxx range.

Yes because you use 6 GHz for devices it is best to allocate the 5 GHz 2 to backhaul, but just have a heads up you may want to tinker with the spacing to your desire.  I have signal in the front yard to the street and backyard too for example…