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Rapture GT6 Question

Level 7

I have a router (Tmobile 5G home internet) connected to the ROG Rapture GT6 in AP mode, how do you have a guest network on the access points (ROG that is in AP mode) that do not give LAN access?  The reason the ROG is in AP mode is because the Tmonile gateway does not have IP passthrough or Bridge mode. does the ROG have a setting that I can take away LAN access to guests? would this work in AP mode? If not, could i fix this with a managed switch/? When the ROG is in AP mode and guest network turned on, is there a way I could get whatever switch to fix the issue?  I would like my Main network, along with guest network that say I can pass it along via AIMesh or wired backhaul to the other node


Level 15

I tried to research this some for you.  I have a GT-BE98 Pro in AP mode.  This is with AT&T fiber which also requires use of their gateway.  This gateway does IP Passthrough, but I ended up using the gateway as a "router".  I'm afraid I have zero experience with managed switches.  I did look at T-Mobile Home Internet site to see if there were any option to limit access, because ultimately the "router" is where you to for that function.

You could try setting up your GT6 as a router (with double NAT).  Then you can limit access.  See how that works out for a while...

The tmobile router does not have IP passthrough or Bridge mode. I do not think a switch will solve any of this. I also did have the ROG router in "router" mode, this just cut the speeds in half as this is plugging one router into a second router and will in tern cause issues. I do not know what NAT is or does, but from what I have researched, plugging a router into a router with out putting that first router in IP passthrough or bridge mode (Tmobile does not have that function) that creates a double NAT issue. I am trying to find a way i can leave the ROG router in "router" mode so the guest network can restrict LAN, and this will work across all wireless or wired asus AIMesh nodes.

Does Router mode even have LAN access control?  Maybe buy a pack of RJ-45 locks, (physical locks that prevent insertion of RJ-45 cable into the ports)?