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Possible Issues with GT-AX11000 AI Protection and a few other things

Level 7
Hello all, I think I have a issue with the AI Protection, since last 2 firmware updates I have gotten no entries in the logs on all three options, I ask this as I used to get regular logged blocked attacks from mass scanners, sql injection attempts and some cve vulnerabilities entries ( I host a website etc..) but for the last 2 firmwares I havnt seen peep in the logs and I used to get hits daily with log entries. I have reset the router both ways including hard reset with new firmware and still no dice so I am wondering if anyone else has this issue and if it can be fixed (not that I dont mind not getting blocker logs but Id rather see if its actually working) as it seems to be a false negative to me.

Also I cannot seem to run 160mhz on both 5g stations only one (not sure if it meant to be like that so some info regarding that will be awesome).
Im also trying to setup a RP-AC68u unit as a bridge but dont seem to be getting the right speeds and it doesnt keep a consistent connection using the 5g channel, also looks like it uses the 2g channel as a anchor of sorts and only keeps a speed of 54mbps while 5gb gets around 1100mbps on average, any info on this too would be much appreciated.

Thanks for any assistance.

Level 10
i have been trouble shooting this router since i got it last year, lately i need to factory default it more and more, now atleast once a week if not it will not have internet connection even if isp is connected using pppoe, i can have my connection back if i click apply again on the wan settings, then after a few mins like 2-5mins it wont connect to sites , youtube and others till i factory default reset, then it will be ok, but again after a few days it will start to choke till again getting worst till i need to factory reset and configure the pppoe again (its like it has a memory leak or something)

reboot on/off doesnt fix it

also wifi keeps droping off need to reconnect wifi on off from the phone or go to airplane mode and back

i think this AX11000 is very buggy firmware side , its just fustrating to have a expensive router have this problem when my cheapo 25usd tenda ac21000 doesnt have this problem when i swap it out to trouble shoot

Level 7
I have waited most of the year in regards to this issue hoping a firmware update will fix it, I have no other problem with the unit apart from its not logging any sort of, Malicious Sites Blocking, Two-Way IPS or Infected Device Prevention and Blocking at all since I started this thread, this includes resets etc etc, to rectify the issue. I ask can an asus rep advise an asus tech to get onto this issue and either post a fix in next firmware update or at the very least answer here with reason as to why they dont know whats going on with their feature as its been far too long to continue sitting and waiting for this to get fixed.

Also I have noticed a few little things Im sure can be made to work, like the link speed on ethernet connected devices on the clients view list button, it show the wifi speed of wifi devices but not that of any ethernet connected devices, which one would think be easy to display being a phys connection.

On a different note I want to setup a block of all devices connected to the router and have a permission (whitelist) list by both ip and mac addresses to allow connection to the internet, I ask for both ip and mac addresses as wifi cards and some ethernet can spoof their mac address thus getting around any restriction placed on them via mac only in the router, which is where the block all devices comes in as I can block everything that connected to the router legitimately or otherwise and only those that are on a whitelist matching IP or mac or both can access the internet. I notice I can select block all devices but I feel I will be limited by number of devices I can list and not being able to specify an IP as well as MAC being I think it mac entries only, Anyone with experience on doing this on the router please chime in and as for the asus tech team please dont hesitate to comment here as its most welcomed, Regards.

Anyone try the beta?

Any other Fw I use just constantly crashes the AX,I've found this beta to be rock steady.
Not sure how your setup/mileage may be but worth a try?