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Port forwarding issue Asus 4G-AC86U

Level 8

Okay ive been trying and foruming on reddit for 3 days now, no luck so here i am.

Since i got my new router Asus 4G-AC86U soulseek doesn't work anymore, the ports are closed.

And i cant seem to find a way in settings to get it to work.

here some screenshots



 and here some soulseek info


I'm on windows 10

I only have 1 router, with sim.

and this pc is connected with wifi to the router.

Soulseek is added to firewall (bitdefender host) 

everything udated and latest versions, soulseek & router & pc.

I'm Lost!




Level 8

Anybody that can help me in the right direction?

I've seen this post thanks a lot! 

What do you mean with source IP? i couldn't find anything about that in the link.

I know how to open a port on my router it just aint working for some reason.

One of the reason i've been told is that my router 'is behind CGNAT', have no clue what that mean and if its true.

I'm amazed that im facing issues this complicated with such a modern router.

I'm really lost 

Level 15

What does it say when you click the "Check Ports" button?

they r both closed 

For external port try this 62232:62233

Or 5113, 62232:62233

To be clear, replace 62232 with 62232:62233, 5113

(All in the one External Port field as described in yellow text at the bottom)

thanks a lot going to try that when i get back home