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Phone frequently droping comnection to asus RT-ac1200 router

Level 7
With my Galaxy s9 plus and some other wireless devices i notice that I lose connection to the internet but not necessarily the router. It happens randomly and when it does i cannot connect to internet. In addition i am also unable to connect to the router itself at it's gateway. It happens on both the 5Ghz and 2.4ghz bands. Giving the phone a static IP in the DCHP also doesnt help resolve the issue. Each time it happens i have to turn the wifi off or disconnect from the router or switch bands on the device and then it works again. the screen shot shows how it appears in the wifi settings.

Level 10
have you tried resetting the modem? there is a reset button that you press for some seconds with a paperclip or a toothpick. the adim and password will be reset to default, which should be written on a label in the modem. Log in to the modem's web UI and change the password for security reasons.