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Packet loss on PS5 - Help with QOS on GS-AX3000

Level 7
Hi there,

I have just bought this router but getting a lot of packet loss on FIFA 22 - PS5, also Rocket League on the PC that I never had before on basic TPLink Router.

I assume I need to tinker with the QOS. This is what I've done so far.

I have a gb switch that is connected to the Gaming Port on the router, that has my PC, PS5, Work Laptop and Sky Q Mini connected to it.
I have reserved the IP address of my PS5 and put it in the DMZ
I have turned QOS on and it's set to adaptive and automatic with Gaming as the selected mode.
I have gone into Game and added my PS5 as game device priority.

All that yet I'm getting a lot of packet loss in multiplayer games.

Any ideas?

Level 7
I've plugged the old router back in and the packet loss has gone. This is not the start I had in mind 😞

Level 10
how did you check the packet loss?