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openvpn local lan only not workin on GT-AC5300

Level 7

Since this year i having trouble with the open-vpn implentation on the GT-AC5300 , Firmware version .
I noticed that i couldnt connect from Site A (also using an Asus router) to Site B , where this the affected router is installed
The remote router is using its open-vpn client to setup a tunnel so from from Site A to Site B, reason to use open-vpn that i could select to use the tunnel only to access the remote LAN , and keep all remainin wan traffic to breakout using the local isp.

When i tried to connect using a windows pc (and open vpn client i was not able to connect due to some certifate issue. Updated the certificate, downloaded the ovpn file and loaded this into the open-vpn client on my windows pc.

I was able to connect again , however not able to access anything (not even the LAN/ Management GUI ).

WHen i change the setting (under the vpn-server-openvpn config) "client will use the VPN to access" from Local network only to internet and local network .. I am able to connect using my windows client ,and have full access to lan and wan(however all traffic is now going over the vpn tunnel , something i dont want as local internet traffic should remain local (for the site to site open-vpn tunnel).

Other is is now that the ovpn file i exported cant me imported in the remote site asus router (invalid format ?)
Any help is appriciated


Level 14

Switch back to Local network only.  (Hopefully it works)

Can’t you get another copy of the ovpn file?  (Maybe it got corrupted).