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Next Firmware Update for BE98?

Level 9

It's already been two months since the last update. There are also numerous issues with the current firmware. Why isn't ASUS pushing more firmwares to fix these bugs, instead they want to wait and fix a bunch at once??


Level 15

I have been running (on the BE98 Pro provided to me) non-released BIOS.  I hope they deem it stable enough for public release soon.  (We only have one on the Pro webpages)...

I was thinking about getting the Pro model but since I'm not in the US, the price is crazily high. But I feel a tad better now, knowing that the Pro version has not been updated for 4 MONTHS 😑

I inquired about purchasing a BE98 (from the person who sent me my Pro), so I could try to help on here, but that question just wasn't answered.

While I did see someone on here actually use a Pro in a non- 6 GHz (high) country, with no interference (haha), I'm not sure how much trouble you can get for using those frequencies that are not legal in yours...

I do believe I can source a BE98 from a Lithuanian company online.  Just a little nervous as this is frowned upon by ASUS officially, aka no warranty...

Thanks friend. I already got the non Pro version, for £675 (£25 lower than MSRP), so I'm glad with what I have. Also, I think the non-Pro version might be a better option when they enabled the MLO function? You can combine the 2.4GHz with one 5GHz, and still have another 5GHz for MLO incompatible devices. I don't know, let's see. 

here in israel 980$ for regural version expencive as FK

That's crazy, I thought the price here in the UK is high enough (699GBP/864USD today, after tax), it's only 799USD in the US for the Pro model before tax🥲

Is the price there in UK similar to EU which includes VAT?  Here where I live (depending on city where you purchase) tax is about 10%, which means our take home price is $880 USD...

Yep, tax included, except that the tax here in the UK is 20%. 

They have released an update for BE98 non-Pro version just now!!!