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New ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Version 11/01/2022

Level 13
New ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Version 11/01/2022

ASUS GT-AX11000 Firmware version
- Fixed string format stacks vulnerability
- Fixed cross-site-scripting vulnerability
- Fixed informational vulnerability.
Thanks to Howard McGreehan.

-Fixed SQL injection vulnerability
-Fixed json file traversal vulnerability
-Fixed plc/port file traversal vulnerability
-Fixed stack overflow vulnerability
Thanks to HP of Cyber Kunlun Lab

-Fixed authenticated stored XSS vulnerability
Thanks to Luke Walker – SmartDCC

-Fixed LPD denial of service vulnerability
-Fixed cfgserver heap overflow vulnerability
-Fixed cfgserver denial of service vulnerability
Thanks to TianHe from BeFun Cyber Security Lab.

Added more ISP profile
Digi 1 - TM
Digi 2 - TIME
Digi 3 - Digi
Digi 4 - CTS
Digi 5 - ALLO
Digi 6 - SACOFA
Maxis - CTS
Maxis - SACOFA
Maxis - TNB/ALLO

Fixed AiMesh guest network issues.
Fixed DDNS issues where the WAN IP is IPv6
Fixed UI bugs in Administration --> feedback.
Fixed time zone error.
Improved the connection stability.

I ain't face this issue.

jerzor wrote:
Less than 24 hours ago I installed the new firmware and already experienced a problem. I woke up to the router no longer talking to the modem which has happened at least a couple other times in the last two weeks. At least this time I could get to the router configuration page (previously the router would disconnect all clients, ethernet and wifi, on top of not talking to my modem) but the only option was a router reboot and the router could again talk to the modem. I experienced some connection shakiness since then (around 4 hours ago), but no disconnects of devices nor a disconnect from the modem. I've already submitted feedback from the router configuration page and talked to Asus support as these ongoing disconnects are unacceptable. Support told me they would escalate this and I'd be contacted in 48 hours.

Your issue regarding ax11000 resolved if yes then what u did some issue is with my ax11000 router

Level 10
I have firmware version and still i don't have the option to run 160mhz on both channels?

Level 7
I had major problems after the update but fully resolved them after power cycling the router along with all the nodes.

Routers / AiMesh Nodes

GT-AXE16000 (Currently running as the primary router)
ASUS RT-AX89X AX6000 (Node)
4X ZenWiFi AX XT8 AX6600 (Nodes)
RT-AX58U (Node)
RT-AC5300 (Node)