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New GT-AX11000 help needed

Level 7
I Got this router about 3 weeks back and since setting it up I have noticed ongoing connection speed issues with both Streaming and Surfing as well as Dropping internet to both wifi and hard-wired connections - the devices appear to still be connected to the router

I am currently running Merlin 386.2 and I have a RT-68U As a mesh node running
I also have a Nord VPN client configured on the router as well.
Can anyone recommend any settings to set/check?
Happy to reply with more info... I just keep getting errors trying to post.

BiggShooter wrote:
I stand corrected 😄 Thanks for providing that information. I plan on installing the Merlin firmware on my GT-AX11000.

I've had the GT-AX11000 since January 2020, and remember seeing posts that Merlin firmware was not supported on the GT-AX11000, and wouldn't be supported. I do prefer Merlin firmware over the ASUS firmware. With the GT-AC5300, I was using the Merlin firmware and found it to be much better and more stable!

I'm currently without a GT-AX11000, as this is the fourth time (in two months) I've had to send it back for an issue with the 2.5G Gaming Port (failing to establish an internet connection to my Xbox Series X). This will be the third, brand new / factory sealed, GT-AX11000 Asus has sent me. Frustrating to say the least.

On a separate note, I've had NO ISSUES with using the latest ASUS firmware for the GT-AX11000. It performs very well. I'll be happy to share my settings once I get the GT-AX11000 back this week (hopeful).

Wait a minute did I just read that right you got the GT-AC5300 working with merlin how??? I am so excited if it's possible I know he is not officially supporting it but were you able to just flash it and have it work? Please LMK I am kinda tempted to try flashing it now lol what's the worse that can happen(brick and I have an excuse to upgrade:) If I am reading this right do you have the latest merlin and it's working ok on the GT-AC5300.

Just to be 100% sure you did not mean to say RT-AC5300 not GT-AC5300 correct?