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Multi router setup.

Level 7
First i want to say asus rocks. iv owned linksys router and does not compare to asus. i also am a streamer/gamer and have many stuff from you guys moniotrs motherboards video cards ect.

so my house has 3 floors. the 2nd floor is where the modem is. i also own a asus ac5300 that is in the first floor and just bought the dual pack asus rt-ac68u. i want to connect one of the ac68u too the 2nd floor with my modem has the main router and the other ac68u to the 3rd floor with the same ssid as the 2nd floor but for the ac5300 i want to use with a deffernt ssid too separate it from the other routers but have the gaming options avabile to me like WTFast ect in the asus login page.

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE CONNECTED HARD WIRE that way there is no drops. what is the best way for me to do this?

What you want to use is AIMesh. However I believe the mesh only works wirelessly. They recommend having it next to a stairwell so it can talk to the routers on other floors and repeat.
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