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Migrating from to Hard Reset.

Level 11
I got spoiled upgrading firmware until now, everything works pretty much as expected, until 388 firmware came along then my network started getting unstable. *Recently my son got a new MacBook with WiFi 6E and I could not get it to connect. *Since we spent $3519 on it (after my son’s student discount) they both ganged up on me and had me call Apple tech support, which was available Sunday morning. *The guy on the line asked me to tinker with a few settings on the laptop, (there aren’t many), after confirming I had updated the OS, to 13.2 (the latest). *Then he had me press the reset button on my AXE16000. *There went my entire network. *I then went to hard reset all 4 nodes, and rebuilt from scratch setting up the AXE16000 then adding the 4 nodes one by one. *NO MORE BUGS.

Here’s a link to ASUS hard reset instructions per model:


I highly recommend if you like the new functionality offered to hard reset after updating from 386_yyyyy to 388_xxxxx!

Best of luck!*