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Mesh WiFi connection problem

Level 8

Hi, I have a rather unusual problem with my network connection. I'll try to explain it, in the hope that someone has some ideas...
I have a ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 router and two ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 devices for mesh wifi. When I turn on my NAS (a homemade NAS with TrueNas as the operating system) connected to the router via ethernet cable, the connection between the router and the WiFi mesh devices becomes highly unstable, they often disconnect, flash for a few minutes and then reconnect anddisconnect again shortly thereafter. As soon as I turn off the NAS, the connection becomes stable again.
Does anyone have any ideas on what the cause might be?


Level 14

If you have a WiFi Analyzer program you can check if your “homemade NAS” is making noise in the WiFi spectrum.

You can relocate the NAS further away from your routers, and/or maybe wrap with some aluminum/tin foil, or a combination…

Thank you for the answer but the NAS is not connected to the router via wifi, it is connected with a network cable. And the motherboard doesn't even have built-in wifi, just Ethernet, so the NAS can't interfere with the WiFi... so I don't understand what the problem is.

There was/is a USB 3.0 noise thread somewhere on here.  (One of the USB versions can make noise, not sure if it’s specifically 3.0, but a guy/gal had trouble with a USB hub if I remember correctly).  Without knowing anything beyond turning it on and off causes then stops the issue I’d have to assume it’s making some noise.  WiFi analyzer software is usually free or dirt cheap even for the paid version.  It is worth a look for noise while turning it on or off.

Since it is Ethernet usually the normal limit is 100 m which is roughly 300 ft.  I would hope that temporarily moving it far away could also help give you a clue to what is going on.

Are you suspecting the Ethernet connection somehow?  I guess that would be least/less likely until you try the stuff I mentioned above…

I guess you could simply disconnect the Ethernet cable and turn on and off the NAS.  (Sorry just thought of this while I was driving)…

Thank you for the replies. Now I tried moving the NAS to the opposite side of the room, connecting it with a longer network cable and it seemed to work (I don't want to talk too soon but, so far, I haven't had any problems).
At this point, the problem could be either the previous network cable or the physical location of the NAS. I'll try to leave it today and then, if I don't have any problems, tomorrow I'll try to put the NAS back in its previous position, but connect it with another cable and see what happens.

Should I dare ask, how did it go/what did you find out?  😬

Level 8

After moving the NAS, the problem never recurred. Now I have more or less repositioned the NAS in the previous position (in reality it is not quite the same position and is a little further from the router) and everything is still working fine. So, apparently, it was the NAS that was somehow generating a disturbance on the wifi.

ASUS routers seem to be sensitive on the WAN side, to instability there.  When I called my ISP about dropping/crashing they actually came out and reran the drop line from the utility pole to my house, pretty much no questions asked.  I haven't seen a case of LAN side issues causing WiFi problems though, (thankfully).  Actually from my RT-AC68U I bought a Linksys Hydra (6e) router, before I knew anything about AiMesh and how it would work as a node.  I'm afraid I was not aware that I had a LAN side loop, and the Hydra just did not work, so I returned it to Costco.  I then got an AXE11000 and have been building an AiMesh network since.

Thanks for updating the thread!  Glad you got everything working.