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Make Future Router Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,

ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to us, the community.

Some guidelines for this thread:
1) Keep it positive and constructive. In most of the forum I try to allow you all to express your thoughts freely (within reason). This thread has the express purpose of generating constructive suggestions so I will be moderating this thread and deleting posts that do not contribute to that goal.
2) Keep it concise and on topic. Some minor discussion regarding a specific suggestion is welcome but if you would like to have a longer conversation I ask you start an additional thread and link it in your post here. You can also request a moderator move your posts if you have need.
3) Try for realistic ideas that appeal broadly to gamers. A small improvement on an existing ROG product is much more likely to get chosen than an entirely new product that only matters to a small number of people.
4) Support your favorites! You don’t have to come up with a suggestion to help. If you see something you like, quote it and say so! More support for an idea improves its chances.

I’ve updated the titles for these feedback threads to reflect that this is primarily for *future* products. Sorry for the lack of clarity. While there is a chance some ideas could be implemented via software updates it’s most likely any suggestions would be rolled into new products.
Also, these threads are not for issue reporting and such posts won’t reach the right people. Please post issues in the ROG Care > Hardware & Software Support section. Or contact ASUS support via phone or email for immediate assistance.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Level 7

The parental functionality is pretty good and I use it to control my childrens access.  However with the use of IOS devices it is pretty difficult to block specific apps like roblox, snapchat, facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.  Instead of a blanket block via the age restrictions it would be good to have the ability to simply click an app to block via the parental controls.  If by any chance I can identify all of the components to block a specific app it basically does so for the entire network.

Level 7

I just purchased 2 ax6000 for the vlan support. I use my devices as access points and mesh them together. I see there is no option to use the vlan support while in ap mode. Though i did set it up originally in router to set the vlan on the ports and to broadcast a guest network (which does still  does broadcast the guest network and the vlans are still set on the ports that i configured even though it is in ap mode) It would be nice to configure the vlan/guest wireless in the ap mode. I would also be nice to be able to set the vlan on the standard wireless configuration rather than setting up new guest wireless to take advantage of using the vlan support on wifi.

Level 9

ASUS must change its update policy in order to provide both more frequent and consistent firmware updates.

I have a GT-AXE16000 and the last firmware update was in April. APRIL. We are in September, 5 months without ANY firmware update, nor beta version too.

THIS really makes me feel as my high-end router has been abandoned.

Level 7

A router that will allow multiple Xboxs to have an "open nat".   

Once multiple xboxs are running on my GS-AS5400, everything goes to double nat and strict.  😞

Level 7

I have Asus modem, access point and router devices and I use mac filtering. I can filter a total of 64 devices on my AC68u modem, 32 at 2.4hz and 32 at 5hz. These limits need to be removed or expanded, also it is very difficult to enter mac addresses one by one, import It must have /export transfer feature.

Level 7

In the router admin page / Networking Tools / Wake On Lan.

Can we add automatic wake up, not just munual click ? 

Not sure how it can be implemented...

Or alternatively can you add to the PC MotherBoards BIOS ability to auto power on from hibernate, not just from power off state,  whenever power is restored after power outrage. 

Level 7

Forget new features. How about making the existing features work? Like the completely useless certificate going away when you upload a custom, paid for certificate assigned to the actual web address you want to use.


Edit: Nevermind. Figured it out. 

Level 9

I have bought the high-end router ROG Rapture GT AXE-16000.
A feature request? Just support it. Almost 7 months without a firmware update. Unacceptable for a product of this category, to be honest.

I   T O T A L L Y   A G R E E   with you.

Last update was on April, 19th and this is   V E R Y   R I D I C U L O U S.

I payed 750€+ for this AXE16000 "high end" router that has no software support   A T   A L L.


Wake up, ASUS.

Level 15

WiFi 7 has a max throughput of “46 Gbps”, see attached reference.  So far in the market the highest I’ve found is 33 Gbps.  There’s a saying: “If you make it, they will come,” something to that effect.  I guess it could be translated as:  If you make it, people will buy it…