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LAN and WiFi are down when router loses WAN connection

Level 7

For some time I've been using ASUS AX86U in default mode and it is excellent device (highly recommended). The only issue is that I lose connectivity in my LAN when WAN connection drops (WAN port is connected to cable router, not a modem as bridge mode is not available). Is this common when cascading routers or it is just ASUS specific?


Level 14

ASUS routers do seem sensitive to unstable WAN.  (I do not think it is related to your double router/NAT).  Do check:

Router is updated to latest BIOS

See if IP Passthrough is available somewhere in the ISP router settings.


Level 7

@jzchenI see how that could help with DDNS behind ISP router (double NAT) but I'm not sure why you think it will help with missing WAN. I've always updated to the latest, wanted to try Beta version from AX86 Pro if it were supported. My Ubee has only DMZ settings enabled which are used for OpenVPN.

Edit: I've changed WAN IP to static in the last loop, but it just killed my local RDP connection when WAN went down (scheduled ISP reboot or something).

I was hoping the latest BIOS would address sensitivity to WAN drops.  I believe I just experienced one this morning, which is extremely rare for my current ISP.  (The last time was when a tree branch in our backyard  broke off and took out the cable line just over a year ago).

@jzchen  It is hard to spot indeed, only when I have open RDP connection to the LAN server (I get audible error on Windows when that connection timesout). In my case, ISP reboots their network at 3AM. I can't believe no one reported this before, I can use LAN after WiFi reconnects but RST signal time after time is getting anoying. I might use a switch or something but what prevents AX86U in AP mode from doing the same thing.

I’ve been suffering Ethernet wired nodes dropping within the last 24 hours, which required me to power cycle them to get them back online.  The Signature version was updated just recently to 2.382 so I suspect that has something to do with it...

I would be very surprised if a switch would improve stability, vs the RT-AX86U in AP mode.  Isn’t AP mode basically a switch, (albeit with it’s own IP), with WiFi?

Please update when you get a chance to try.