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Issues with GT-axe11000

Level 7

Hi There

Got this last week,  really only for the 6e features.

so far its headache after headache,

1, Have a 6e gaming laptop,   first connect router   turned off smart connect,

set laptop to 6mhz  all good speeds around 730Mbps over wifi (1000Mbps profile)

at this point  my my 3x nst cameras , 1x doorbell  1x floodlight, 1x indoor,   while connected

all 3 kept dropping connection every few seconds.   annoying as **** driving me crazy,


at this point I enable smart connect,  with smart connect enabled  ALL 3 devices keep dropping connection

still but maybe every 5 10 minutes,    but at this point  My laptop no longer connects to wifi 6e  only 5mhz,

also at this point 3 other wifi hello lights that were working with previous 2 routers wont connect at all,

im ready for binning it,


if id known a £500 router only gets no telephone support i would have refused to buy it,


I don't understand why you are relating Iot disconnections to the 6 GHz radio.  Do you have any Iot devices on the 6 GHz network?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Level 7

total joke SUPPORT should be shot,   refuse to address the issue, 

fobbing me off to here


If all the steps and even the hard reset did not solve your problem and you want to return the product or claim your warranty in that case you can find below our EShop number that takes care of orders, returns and warranty claims for networking. 

Email: number: 0208 551 6505"

call and they say they are a different company and only sell asus prodcuts,  and If i want support call asus


what on earth is going on, dont asus realise they are meanth to offer 12 months support?