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Is 6E Faster than 2.5 G Backhaul?

Level 14
My AXE16000 and AXE11000 have been in WiFi backhaul since last night. I tried the optimize function after which I lost both the AXE11000 and RP-AX56 nodes. I had to delete them and readd them. I had to hard reset the RP-AX56 before it could be found and added back.

Gonna try to add two screenshots: one from my ASUS Router phone app; one from the WebGUI.

Level 7
I am going to guess no. Those numbers would only be under best case scenarios such as clear line of sight and no other devices around. Not to mention, 6 GHz has a rather small range as well. The two nodes would likely need to be so close for optimal speed that you might as well just run Ethernet at that point.

That’s not very realistic in most houses.

Ethernet will always win. Always.

Level 14
2.5G Ethernet will pretty much always be the better choice if actually installing/routing the physical cabling isn't too big a problem. The biggest win will be the reliably less than 1ms latency, which will beat Wifi every time. Next, Ethernet is full duplex (talking in both directions simultaneously), where Wifi is half duplex (only one device can talk at any moment in time). Lastly, Wifi will always be subject to random/variable performance due to interference; it's a lot better on 5GHz and 6GHz (than 2.4GHz), but the external factors still exist.

As long as you use decent quality cabling, Ethernet mostly just works; and is highly reliable / stable / predictable, without external factors in general.

Level 14
Thank you both for sharing insight on this.

I found the RSSI to be in the range -50 dBm to -55 dBm. *If you look carefully at the first image I selected locations for both. *The AXE16000 is on the first floor in the den. *I tried to centrally locate it. *It is raised about 4 ft on an entertainment tower. *The AXE11000 is on the 2nd floor on the top of a computer table shelf raised up maybe 4 1/2 ft my guess. *There are two pieces of wood (table and shelf), two printers right underneath, hardwood floor, and a layer of cement (we saw during construction, besides whatever else they put into floors/ceilings between levels…

So don’t be discouraged that 6E doesn’t work well. *(I am happy to report it can work through floors…

I hope to verify that the Ethernet is working but I know when I removed then found the AXE11000 it was found through Ethernet. *(I did not move it but it was connected via Ethernet the whole time). *The RP-AX56 I needed to move to the same room as the AXE16000 connected to a free 1 G Ethernet port added it back then moved it back to the living room where Ethernet awaited it…