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installed new X670-P WIFI mobo, nothing happens

Level 7

I just finished connecting everything on my ASUS PRIME X670-P WIFI mother board. The power LED is lit on the front panel, but when I push it, nothing happens. I rechecked to make sure the power on button is connected to the correct pins on the mobo and and re-tried, but absolutely nothing happens. No pre and certainly no post bios and the computer monitor stays dark. I went through the flashback procedure with the latest bios. Hold the flashback button for 3 seconds and the green LED blinks until the BIOS is done and pulled the thumb drive and tried start button again, but nothing happens.


Level 14

I suspect the button/switch is faulty.  Usually pressing it momentarily shorts two pins together you may ask ASUS which ones and how to test it’s not the motherboard.