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Information - rog rapture gt-ac5300

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Hello good I am new in the community but not with the asus computer products nor the firm rog for computers. I have been around for 2 years with my asus rt-ac5300 router, 2 weeks ago I found out that rog had pulled out a router, my questions are as follows.
The radar mode shows the servers of the games and you can change to the one that you choose serves for pc and consoles (ps4 xbox one)? Would be useful in games where from the menu does not let you choose server? And what games does it support there is a list or are they being updated ?.
Does the profile mode work for both pc and console (ps4, xbox one)?

Regarding the malfunction of the router that has been read in these last 2 weeks, that concern is the least, since I guess with the latest firmware will have been corrected.
I would like if I could clarify the doubts that I have, I think to go this week to buy the router, but I would like more information, and how these two options that already mentioned before. Sorry for my English, I hope you understand

Community Admin
Community Admin
Welcome to the community Nero4ever!

Game Radar is helpful in identifying the best server to connect to for games which allow you to choose. At launch, we are focused more on PC game servers, but continually look to add more games and servers for consoles.

Currently these are the supported games:
Diablo 3
Dota 2
Hero of the Storm
Garena LoL
Starcraft 2
World of Warcraft
World of Tanks
World of Warplanes

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Clarified then, tomorrow I will buy the router in the nearest store, I want to prove it with Overwatch wue is the one I am currently playing on the pc.

If I had a problem in a configuration future I hope that from here I can help, thanks and greetings.

I have with the router more than 24 hours, 0 problems everything works correctly updated to the latest firmware.
The serial configuration that the router brings does not change anything in that aspect, my internet connection is the following fiber optics 1Gbps up and down, tested in lol dota 2 and overwatch and csgo, the latency to markedly decreased, example if before I had 24 ms of latency on overwatch now I get between 9 and 12 and I can confirm that it is stable.
Where there is an abysmal difference is in consoles, I have been a pc player for a long time and I play with a xim4 (mouse and keyboard) both in xbox one and ps4 my game is not affected by a controller.
In titles like call of duty the last ones, host of the games a 100%, enter the lobby wait for it to start leaving the game and message choosing new host, tried more than 70 games, and when the game begins to leave the game and choosing New host.
In speed tests performed since speed test: download and upload 999.87-999.86 ping tested on several servers in my country 1, 4, 5, in this aspect is the same as the asus rt ac5300.
This product has fulfilled my expectations, it is true that it opened to polish and add more games in the Game profile and in the section Game radar, and giving much more priority to consoles.
I will continue to prove more configurations and I will mention here, greetings.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Great to hear you got exactly what you're looking for in terms of gaming performance! Thanks for sharing!
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Anyone knows when rog rapture gt-ac5300 hits resellers/stores in EU?.


Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi BastianDK,

You can check out this etailer:
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Hello rog community, I say that I have with my asus rog rapture more than 27 and not a single problem since my last post, the thing is still as good as when I publish and wanted to wait a little based on what I chose for several forums.

This router is perfect for me, if in future some other model would not last to buy it at whatever price, rog motherboards and graphs I am a veteran.

I hope not to be the last time I buy a router in which the rog brand is involved, and in the future to get another router when the technologies advance.

Thanks for reading, I'll keep posting when I can.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Thank you Nero4ever, we appreciate your vote of confidence. We will strive to improve with every product released, let us know if you have any questions. Cheers!
FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Each time this router is improving little by little, I found out the other day that wtfast has expanded its games and version within the router, I do not have problems that other people have, I always update my firmware to be up to date. As a note in the list of games ports it would be nice to add ports of more PC games and console for easy click. I think it's great that wtfast has added console games for server selection, thanks again for the work they are doing, for me this router is prefect when it comes to play.