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Incredibly slow upload speeds on GT-AX6000

Level 8
I bought the GT-AX6000 router. I have FIOS Gigabit internet with speeds of 940 mbps download and 880 mbps upload. I am getting near 940 down but upload speed is only about 1.5. If I hook any other router up I get close to 880. Anyone else experience this? Anyone know how to fix? Firmware is up to date.

Level 12
I have seen this slow upload speed on ASUS router problem before, but I can't seem to find it nor do I remember which specific model it was. This was specifically with regards to FIOS if I remember correctly...

We are considering FIOS at our new (to us) house. They include a router in the price. Is the one that they give not so good? (I was trying to convince my wife to get the 2 Gbps option but I think she prefers the 1G speed...

Yes it is with FIOS. However, the issue isn't the fios. If I put custom firmware on the ASUS it works fine. However, the ASUS firmware doesn't work correctly. I just want it to work lol.

I have the AX6000 with a 1 Gb/s down plan and I don't actually know what the UL rate is supposed to be since it wasn't in the marketing material. However, I get a consistent ~50 Mb/s up. This is the same whether I'm direct to the modem, LAN WiFi, or LAN wired. It's also the same whether I'm on the stock AsusWRT or on Merlin.

That doesn't confirm the AsusWRT can handle the >100 Mb/s upload speeds you're looking for, but at least my AX6000 doesn't replicate your 1.5 Mb/s speeds.

So I found a workaround. I enabled dual wan and then made set my primary wan to lan port 4. I plug my wan cable into lan port 4 and leave the wan port unplugged. When I do that I get consistent upload speeds around 930mbps. This is obviously way better than the 1-2mbps I was getting before. I submitted a ticket to ASUS so we will see if they can figure out why this is happening.

I suspect a hardware failure at this point. It makes absolutely no sense otherwise why one ethernet port works and the other does not. I hope they help you resolve it quickly like they did with my issue (with a Lyra Voice).

Any news on a real fix for this? Hate spending $400 on a router that does not work correctly.

Connected my GT-AX6000 for the first time yesterday and also experiencing this issue.

Download is completely fine but upload has slowed from 40Mbps to 1.5Mbps, I tried to use the dual WAN suggestion above but couldn't get it connected over PPPoE.

Did anyone find a software solution to the problem? If not did RMAing the router fix the issue?

You find a solution yet? Having similar issues.

Level 7

Connected my Rapture GT AXE-16000 for the first time today and the upload speeds are atrocious. I'm paying for 1G up/down and not getting more that 10Mbps up.