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Idea Make a new gaming cable modem router with WiFi 7

Level 7

Hi Asus here is a idea make the next generation of gaming cable modem router with WiFi 7 320mhz 4 cores 6gb RAM next generation of firewall new VPN security in lan and WiFi make Wapa 3 with encrypted 512bit anti cracking password new hardware security protection to prevent hackers hack the modem or damage the device make new plan to support 4 years of firmware update and software update so the device is secure make 32 channels of download and 32 channels of upload make the first modem ve able to support 32 channels of upload make support all cables providers so people can buy it 

Ect make the most powerful cable modem router 3 in one support 10gigabit internet and support all dosic up to 4 or new dosic future add one fiber connection to 10gigabit and cox that supports 10gigabit speeds make that have 10 lan of 10gigabit for gaming ect just helping  make this for 2024


Level 7

don't forget to compite with Netgear and Arris make the best of the best 

Is this what Google Fiber is offering with their 20 Gig fiber service?