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how to combine 2 internet connections in one wifi network AIMESH?

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i have fiber internet to my home. have the modem router from the internet provider. My main router is the ASUS ROG AX11000 connected to the modem through wan cable.

Then this router redistributes wifi and internet access through 4 satellites 2 with dedicated ethernet backhaul and 2 others through wireless backhaul. all 4 of the satellites are RT-AX92U. In total 3 apartments have more or less 130 devices connected among them.

Here is where I need your help.

The second apartment got its own internet connection. so it needs to be used. the simple solution would be to create a second wifi that only for the second apartment and possibly for the third but i DO NOT WANT THAT!

i use Aimesh and I would like to know if i can transfer to my main wireless network a second internet access so i can have more bandwidth/speed!

first of all, does my router allow me to have 2 internet sources? Though that is not possible to bring the 2 sources together due to different locations
Secondly can i use the Aimesh to have one satellite distribute the main wifi (as a satellite) but get internet access through the wan cable slot?

i would like to keep ONE wireless network using the same DCHP

If you have any advice or suggestion feel free to reach out to me!

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You'd have to connect 2nd internet to main router to any LAN socket, enable dual WAN feature with load balance mode and select that LAN socket as secondary WAN.


If for some reason you cannot do so you could just add second router to your network with different IP and use it as second gateway, but you'd have to set it manually on each pc in network adapter settings.

I don't know if there's another way in Asus wrt.

I just checked the AX-11000 is similar to the AXE-11000. It has 1 dedicated WAN port and 1 2.5 Gbps WAN/LAN port. What is the speed of your current internet? I hope not above 1 Gbps? To use both you would need to connect one to the WAN port and the other to the 2.5 Gbps port and turn on WAN aggregation.

Log into aka

Left side under Advanced Settings select WAN

On the right side there are 7 tabs select Dual WAN

Underneath Basic Configuration

Enable Dual WAN turn ON

Select Primary WAN as 2.5 and Secondary WAN as WAN (not sure if it matters which is primary or secondary).

Dual WAN Mode select Load Balance (as kindly mentioned above).

I hope both service are the same speed...

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Community Admin
Here is a guide:

For load balance config, test several different ratios to find the best for your network. The speed of the 2 WAN ports are probably different, need to adjust accordingly if you're going for max speed (load balance) rather than redundancy (fail over).
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