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How hard to setup a ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Pro

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I am considering picking up the ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Pro now when I was younger I set up many routers and I still tinker somewhat with computers, but looking at the manual on this it looks like you have to jump through many hoops. I have heard their support is not the best and I want to know when I initially set it up it will work. 

It seems like you have to first reboot both your computer and modem which the computer is no problem the modem I guess is the Verizon fiber box in the basement I will have to check that out. Once that is done you can start the connecting portion of the instructions. First log into Asus and set up a name and password for the router then you can log into your wifi connection using your wifi credentials. 

I think what I have above is a condensed version of the instructions does that seem right. Any suggestions before I make the leap I know once it is set up I should be fine and able to maintain it. It just seems this one is a bear to start.

Thank you for your responses and help. Take care





Thank you once again for the quick reply. The house is a ranch with a finished basement. Though we have a pool that the pool house has a wifi connected salt filter. We also have geothermal heat with a wifi connection and a hybrid hot water heater. Our drip irrigation for watering the plants are also on wifi. Those are the extremes. The square footage is 1326 feet per floor so a total of about 2650 feet. 

I do plan on having at least one node downstairs, and am planning on wiring everything the one question I have because we generally did not have wired nodes was do we run the wire from the main router let's say lan to the nodes wan or do we run it directly from the verizon fiber box to the node?

Unfortunately due to the layout of the house we can't place the router in the center though it is not far off. The only thing in that room 7 feet tall is the shelves. Otherwise it just has a desk for work and shredder in it.

Hope that helps.

This is where my experience is lacking, and I'm afraid I'm not sure how friendly Verizon equipment/service is to 3rd party routers, although I have experience with Fiber from Frontier and AT&T, (concurrently as they are in different houses).

I'm afraid you're going to have to help me help you so to speak.  While I can Google Verizon fiber Bridge mode it's probably much easier to find what model ONT/gateway/router you have in the basement, than for me to find instructions for 3 different Verizon boxes, listing them, then saying it's likely one of the three...

Another thing you can do is contact Verizon, and gauge how this may work out.  Do they allow IP Passthrough, bridge mode, or do they allow skipping their equipment completely and connect the ASUS router directly to the ONT.  Maybe it would be best if they can relocate the ONT to the first floor vs the basement, (IF they can run fiber all the way to it).  Ideally the ONT will be near/next to your brand new BE98 Pro, and you can connect them directly to each other.  (This is how I set up Frontier as they do not require use of the provided eeros).  For AT&T they require me to use their BGW320 gateway.  At first I tried IP Passthrough, (it does not allow bridge mode), eventually I just switched to router mode, turned off the WiFi on the BGW, and use my main router (BE98 Pro) as an Access Point.  Hopefully they allow IP Passthrough (and it works,) Bridge Mode, or direct connection to the ONT, as a lot of features are excluded in Access Point mode.  (I did not see anything on TV service from Verizon so I am assuming you don't have that, which complicates the setup further into territory that I am not familiar with...


I have done some research and here is what I have. The ONT is I-211-M-L. I already have one router directly connected to the ONT I guess the question is should I connect the second one to the ONT as well or to the original router. As a go between while I waited for the ASUS router to come out a few years ago I purchased a Google Mesh system because I got it cheap. I am using three of their nodes two of them wirelessly and one connected to the ONT.

I hope that helps.



I'd personally connect the ONT directly to the GT-BE98 Pro, then Google mesh to the BE98 if possible.  I'm afraid my experience with packaged mesh systems is limited to eeros, which were specifically Frontier provided/tweaked.  I ended up replacing both provided eeros in that house...

I was going to get two Asus routers I didn't realize you could connect the google mesh to the Asus. That will be something I have to figure out.