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Help Noob with ROG RAPTURE GT-AXE11000

Level 7
Hello, i just bought ROG RAPTURE GT-AXE11000. There is no manual to explain all the features. I see there is a 2.5 gigabit port. I have high spedd fiber internet. Do i plug the Cat 8 cable from modem to the Gigabig 2.5 port or do i plug my PC into the Gigabit 2.5 port. I really wish they would ship the product with a manual. i checked support website and all it has is the quick start guide which doesnt explain.


Level 7
On the initial setup using the web GUI (new setup) you have to designate the 2.5GHz port as being the WAN port vice a LAN port (default). You would then connect the 2.5GHz WAN port to your modem using the RJ145 cable provided with the router or one of your choosing. This ASUS web page might help illustrate what I am talking about although the screen shots are out-dated.*

Level 12
The UI does contain many explanations as to the operation and best settings for the Router. Clicking on the info items may explain settings you may want help with the settings. Most of the settings, once you have the initial setup, will work with the Default configuration. Special circumstances may make some changes needed but hopefully, info from your ISP will help..

As mentioned, you can set the 2.5 Gbps port to WAN using the UI but there is a discussion as to whether that port is a 2.5 Gbps WAN port or just a normal 1 Gbps WAN port when set in that configuration. Since I don't have an ISP speed over 1 Gbps second, I can't check, maybe you can..

Beyond that, as far as I know, the 6 Ghz radio cannot be used in a secure network operation. It can be turned on using a Registry modification, but will not work using WPA-3 security settings.. This might change, at any time depending on exactly why it will not function correctly.
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