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help my internet keeps randomly disappearing off my laptop

Level 7

so sometimes when im using my laptop for anything the wifi disappears and u also cant turn it on manually and its not my wifis issue i have zero clue what the problem is???

the only way that can fix this issue is by restarting my laptop over and over but sometimes itll take a literal hour of restarting my laptop for it to connect to my wifi and will still randomly disappear again after an hour

it fr disappears off my settings and sidebar and i just took it to repair shop and they said its that i didnt update my drivers but i just got home and used it for 30 minutes and the same thing happened?

i cant seem to find a solution online for this and i dont use reddit at all pls help me:(


Level 14

Which router model please?  It may help to share which laptop model as well.  (Sorry bold is on and I can’t seem to turn it off).