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Help, assistance and advice on new Router /WiFi Mesh

Level 7
Hi Everyone, new to the forums and wanted some advice and opinions on my latest Home project?

I have just purchased a new Asus GT-AX11000 Router for my new Fibre Gigabit Internet service for my home.

I wanted to maximise my Internet throughput for my home devices across my network and provide Wi-Fi 6 capabilities at the same time.

I have two main questions I was wondering if people could help with?

My house is not huge, but is unique with a few solid walls which impact signal quality and strength, so I want to utilise AiMesh and purchase another Asus Router to partner with my new AX11000. My challenge is whilst I know most routers that support AiMesh will probably work, I obviously want to try and leverage the latest Wi-Fi 6 speeds on both devices.

Once I started looking at the different Asus models I was concerned about supported Wi-Fi Speeds and different data rates between the different devices!

For background information I intend to use Wired Backhaul across Cat 6A between the two devices. I would possibly like to stick with Tri-Band in case I need to extend and add an additional Router into the AiMesh but use Wireless Backhaul for that extra device.

1. My main question is what Router would offer the best benefits for using in a mesh format? I have looked at the RT-AX92U (AX6000) which supports Tri-Band or the RT-AX86U Which only supports Dual Band? Or would you suggest another model?

2. The other remaining questions are regarding splitting the Wi-Fi Channels?

- Should I use SmartConnect, use one SSID and let the router decide how to deal with the client and what speed it connects? As OFMDA will be used will this assist with traffic management and congestion as I know it is meant to assist in traffic management?

- Or should I split the channels into their relevant categories and as suggested by Asus use the WiFi 6 Channel (AX) for dedicated Gaming for my PS5 etc?

I admit with my previous setup which was a meshed Synology setup, having one SSID and just let the Router manage the connectivity and speed was nice and easy, but I am happy to take advice from you chaps 🙂

Really massive thanks to anyone who can offer advice?

Would really appreciate everyones opinion.