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GT-BE98 Pro designating Wi-Fi Backhaul channel for AiMesh?

Level 13

When I was using the AXE16000, I could specify 5G_1 or 5G_2 for the backhaul channel.   Since the Be98 Pro has two 6 GHz radios and only one 5 GHz radio, it appears the option to designate either 6G_1 or 6G-2, is not present.  

If you notice in the attachment, I only have a choice of 6 GHz, not _1 or _2.  It even shows a 5G_2 network which this system does not have.

I will probably file a feedback report since this must be a mistake.

Thanks for reading.



Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Try powering off the modem/ONT for 5 mins before switching to the 10 GE port.

I think I have tried powering it on an off so many times.  The original install was using the 10 GE WAN port since that is what the instructions say to do.  

Maybe Spectrum will have some input.  If there is a problem with that port, ASUS needs to change the install instructions or fix the problem.

I just did a factory reset on the Router and started over.  At some point, I will try the 10 GE port again.

Happy New Year..

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Happy New Year!

@RMerlin (not sure if it’s the same member as here) from SNBForums in post #40 is where I got the mention of powering down the modem for 5 mins.  I left out the “-15” part…

I’m not sure what combination of steps eventually unlocked the BE98 Pro to work, but I have not (fully) tested the 10 GE port as WAN.  It does appear to run 10 Gig Ethernet backhaul just fine.  For example when I go to the router login page it feels like there is less lag in loading.  Since you are fine on the 2.5 GE port then I suspect it is something ASUS needs to fix, hopefully via BIOS update vs RMA.

I would guess internet would be down completely if the DHCP lease is not released prior to swapping between AXE16000 and BE98 Pro, as well as between 2.5 GE port and 10 GE port.  Since they are different “modules” with different speeds I suspect they each have their own unique MAC address.  (I am referring specifically to the 2.5 GE port vs 10 GE port.  Similarly if you look at WiFi 2.4 GHz channel has a different MAC from 5 GHz channel)…

EDIT-  It is kind of funny you mention Spectrum.  I have two friends who have Spectrum service, I believe 500 Mbps.  One is on contract and the other has completed his, paying “close to $100/mo”.  The one on contract upgraded his router  to a refurbished unit that cost him around $20 on Amazon.  The other is eagerly waiting Sonic to open service to him, and has a high end router AX11000 I believe.  Both of them note they have to power cycle their routers every once in a while.  (Both I believe are TP-Link routers).  Is it Spectrum, or TP-Link, or maybe both)? 😬

Typical of me, I did not read the getting started guide!…  I did try to follow instructions on transferring DDNS over, but failed miserably.  (I ended up chatting with tech support over this, and it was revealed I should have left the AXE16000 off during setup of the BE98 for the transfer to work)…

Is there a way to get this information to ASUS other than feedback.  This doesn't need any supporting data and should be easy for them to see they have it configured for the GT-BE98 and not the GT-Be98 Pro?

They may be closing the thread soon.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

No worries I can bring it up.  I’ll send an email to the guy who sent me the router.  (Just need to find some convincing/compelling logic to it)…

Just an FYI it has been, as far as my research tells me, Preferred AP “Uplink”.

I guess they are trying to avoid situations such as:

GT-BE98 Pro

2.4, 5, 6-1, 6-2


2.4, 5

You choose a 6 GHz channel but that is just not possible as the node doesn’t have a 6 GHz channel.

The uplink choices from the RT-AC68U end would both work…


I hope you don't mind I included your power user credentials:  GT-BE98 Pro, AXE16000, and at least one of AXE11000 and/or AX11000; as well as the fact you're a contributing member of this forum as support.

OK, thanks.  Maybe it will be noted in the next firmware update.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Because of your other post, I now understand what you were trying to tell me.  I was wrong so I will let this drop.

At least, since 6G-1 is the only possible 6G radio for Backhaul, I can keep my other systems on 6G-2.  I thought I had seen the backhaul also on 6G-2, but I must have misunderstood.


Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

No problem.  I’m glad you found a satisfactory answer for your concern.

It’s probably the middle of the night in Taiwan, so I don’t expect any response until late afternoon (PST time) or during our night, unless as I guessed he’s on vacation.  Who knows, they may make the change per your suggestion…