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GT-BE98 Pro designating Wi-Fi Backhaul channel for AiMesh?

Level 13

When I was using the AXE16000, I could specify 5G_1 or 5G_2 for the backhaul channel.   Since the Be98 Pro has two 6 GHz radios and only one 5 GHz radio, it appears the option to designate either 6G_1 or 6G-2, is not present.  

If you notice in the attachment, I only have a choice of 6 GHz, not _1 or _2.  It even shows a 5G_2 network which this system does not have.

I will probably file a feedback report since this must be a mistake.

Thanks for reading.



Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Accepted Solutions

No worries I can bring it up.  I’ll send an email to the guy who sent me the router.  (Just need to find some convincing/compelling logic to it)…

Just an FYI it has been, as far as my research tells me, Preferred AP “Uplink”.

I guess they are trying to avoid situations such as:

GT-BE98 Pro

2.4, 5, 6-1, 6-2


2.4, 5

You choose a 6 GHz channel but that is just not possible as the node doesn’t have a 6 GHz channel.

The uplink choices from the RT-AC68U end would both work…

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Level 15

I bumped into the setting that says something along the lines of "Use as backhaul and fronthaul", or "Use as dedicated backhaul", which I believe was on 6 GHz-1, if that helps any.  I saw it while tinkering with Smart Connect, (which is where I found it would form Quad Band Smart Connect if I select 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz-1.  I believe this includes the AXE16000 5 GHz-2.  I attempted to make a Quint Band Smart Connect by then adding 6 GHz-2 and it still says "Quad Band", so I suspect in that case 5 GHz-2 of the AXE16000 is left out.  Tinker with the Smart Connect and the "Use as..." shows up...

Level 15 is BIOS version for AXE16000, not BE98 Pro.  You are managing AXE16000 backhaul priority not BE98 Pro backhaul priority?

EDIT-  The choice to choose dedicated backhaul or backhaul and fronthaul is

Under Advanced Settings -> Wireless - General (tab) - under 6 GHz-1 - AiMesh Wireless Backhaul

I don't do smart connect because I have separate SSIDs for my networks.

I do not see any mention of a Backhaul choice in the Advanced Settings section.  Again, smart Connect is off.  If Smart Connect was enabled, I would probably use the Auto setting.

I set mine by using the AiMesh  section and highlighting the GT-AXE16000 and the Topology - Management option on the right.  Under the System Settings, there is a button to enable Ethernet Backhaul Mode, which is off on my system.  

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Hmm.  Just to verify BIOS  (I had to manually install it because I don't think the ASUS server was updated).

Ethernet Backhaul Mode is off on mine too.  I've had a bad experience with it in the past, (a while back now and I forget which primary router was in place), where nodes would drop.  Ever since I do not turn it on.

I am able to screen shot it.  I'm almost scared to play around with the settings unless it's 3 am since my family is usually asleep and not using the internet...

Advanced Settings -> WirelessAdvanced Settings -> Wireless

Firmware version is confirmed.  Where you show the backhaul, I have a Network  Name (SSID).   If you are using smart connect, you probably don't.


Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

I'm not sure I follow their logic of why it's like that, but yes strangely it showed up after making changes to SmartConnect.

If I recall correctly the dedicated backhaul channel has a SSID with "_dwb" appended at the end.  It is hidden but accessible.  I'm afraid I forgot how to determine the key/password.  With SmartConnect it is the same credentials, so maybe that's why the option shows up on mine to choose between dedicated backhaul or backhaul and fronthaul.

I guess changing the setting on your AXE16000 node to 6 GHz, will automatically select 6 GHz-1 of the BE98 Pro....  Would you prefer 6 GHz-2?

Sorry about the solution situation.  That is the type of thing I see when using the 10 Gbps WAN port.  I was selecting reply and it changed to accept as solution.

I am now back on the 2.5 Gbps WAN port. and it seems to be OK again.

The answer to the problem is to have options which are correct for the primary Backhaul.  It has to remove the 5G-2 and 6GHz and replace them with 6G-1 and 6G-2.  Then I could set it up as you showed in the prior post as use as dedicated wireless backhaul.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

So the 10 G Ethernet port is unstable as a WAN port?  That is a bummer!  Do you have higher than 2.5 Gig Internet service?  My 1 Gig cable service doesn't even max out the 2.5 Gig WAN so that is my WAN port.  The 10 Gig port right next to it is what I use for LAN to a switch...

I took a screenshot of the BE98 Pro Management settings, which is only a single setting:  LED.  I took another screenshot of the AXE16000 which is what you posted.  (I hope you aren't mixing up the two)?  Anyways I can try to make a request to make backhaul selection available where there is only LED on the primary router Topology Management?  (Not sure they will do it but no harm to ask)...

The 10 GE port shows a DHCP configuration error and I should call my ISP, which I will do this week.   I was using the 10 GE WAN port on the AXE16000 without issue.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200