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GT-BE98 Pro- 6 GHz Preferred Scanning Channel (PSC) Forced Sync Between 6 GHz-1 and 6 GHz-2.

Level 15

I was hoping to make more channels available for backhaul by disabling PSC on 6 GHz-1, since that is apparently the default backhaul on the GT-BE98 Pro.  For compatibility with my son’s MacBook PSC has to be enabled.  Unfortunately PSC check box syncs the selection on both 6 GHz-1 and 6 GHz-2.  I would expect they are independent and should be able to turn off one and turn on the other, but both check when I check one, and both uncheck when I deselect one.


Level 13

What is the model of the Apple system?  I just looked at a MacBook Pro/Air and they only show Wi-Fi 6 capability.

Otherwise, it does appear you cannot disable one 6 GHz, without the other one following.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Level 15

It’s hard to define model because every year MacBook Pro is just MacBook Pro, but I remember it has the M2 Max chip so I Googled it, something like this one:

Refurbished 16-inch MacBook Pro Apple M2 Max Chip with 12‑Core CPU and 38‑Core GPU - Space Gray

(Except he opted for the smaller 14” screen I believe.  Also I verified under tech specs the 6E).

Quite memorable since we spent so much on it my son literally called Apple tech support and handed me the phone when I was trying to get it to connect on 6 GHz.  First thing the guy/tech on the line said was to press the reset button on the ASUS router.  I pressed it for like 10 secs and it did not reset.  I had to press it a second time.  Of course I had to rebuild my network of 5 nodes afterwards.  (And it did not solve the connection issue.  So I had my son go study at our house while the network here at my parents was down).

Thank you for confirming this.  We still have that single 6 GHz device, so since I now have two 6 GHz channels, I wanted to set up the backhaul with free range of channel selection, as I assume the AXE16000 node should handle that, (if it needs to fall back on WiFi backhaul).  I was also curious if maybe Apple MacOS has been updated to work with all the channels vs just PSC.

Currently I have “quad band SmartConnect” with 2.4, 5 GHz, 5GHz-2 (assumed on the AXE16000 node), and 6 GHz-1.  Initially with the MacBook it seemed to reject SmartConnect including the 6 GHz channel.  Now I see it connected to the 6 GHz-1.  Curious to what it would do if I force 6 GHz-1 to non-PSC would it then jump to 6 GHz-2 (because it still needs PSC)…